Surgical instruments

Backstop Rebellion

Rebellion cuts easily through bones in a way you have not experienced before. You don’t need to use nearly as much force compared to traditional punches.

With its unique scissor geometry, Rebellion is incomparably smooth, and slippage from the leg is eliminated.

Rebellion also cuts through the hardest bones, so you no longer need to use drill bits.

Rebellion is ergonomically designed and more comfortable to use.

Rebellion is a sterile disposable product, so punching will never be the cause of any infection.

Rebellion has a suction system where the bone pieces are automatically collected in a container (so you no longer need to be assisted in removing bone chips from the punch and can focus completely on the surgery). The bone pieces stored in the container have much finer cuts than you get from regular punches.

With Rebellion, you also have the opportunity to extract liquid at the same time, as this function is integrated